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Office Manager/Nurse/Supervisor
Linda Donahue
 Linda has been working at The Wonder Years since we first opened our doors in 1996. She started out as a Teacher in our Infant Room and now is a key member of our administrative team. Linda is a Licensed Practical Nurse by trade and prior to her work in early childhood she worked for many years in the medical field. The maternity floor was her favorite! She now has more than 20 years in the early childhood field and babies are her specialty. As the Office Manager, Linda is responsible for all of the details that go into keeping our school organized and running smoothly. She maintains all of the children and staff files, manages the tuition payments and accounts, and manages anything that has to do with health and safety. She also is our key go-to person whenever there are boo-boos or rashes or other questions about all things medical. Working with the babies is still her first love, so early in the morning you may also find her in our infant room, cuddling the babies and supporting the team. ...  


Lead Teacher Infants
Jennifer Bergeron
 Jen has 24 years of experience with children and has been an employee at The Wonder Years since we opened in 1996. She is Lead Teacher certified with all age groups but has a very special affinity for the babies. Miss Jen loves snuggling and playing with our "itty bitties" and is very in tune with their developmental needs. She also loves creating a clean, safe and beautiful environment for babies to explore. Communication with parents is very important. She works closely with parents to ensure we are providing the best possible care for each child. Parents often seek her support for parenting needs or concerns. ...  


Lead Teacher Toddler III
Ulrike Wagner
 Ulrike has been working with young children for over 30 years. She has been the Lead Teacher in Toddler III since joining our team in 1996. She received her education in Germany at the Technical School for Social Pedagogy-Teacher Training College in 1979. Although she has worked with children of all ages, infants and toddlers are her speciality. She has been heavily influenced by the philosophy of Emilia Reggio and infuses her classroom with art, music, nature and a multitude of sensory experiences. She is a keen observer of children and has become an expert in understanding toddler behavior and needs. She also is a huge advocate for outdoor play and exploring nature. Ulrike is well loved by parents who seek her advice about their child's needs and development. ...  


Lead Teacher Preschool II
Barbara Cann
 Barbara has been working with children for over 30 years. She been the Lead Teacher in Preschool II since she joined our team in 2001. Barbara has her AS degree in Early Childhood Education from Massachusetts Bay Community College. Barbara loves everything about working with our oldest preschool children! She makes her curriculum come alive with stories and movement and sensory experiences. She also loves creating a beautiful, homey environment for children to encourage their play and exploration. Barbara works closely with parents to keep them informed of their child's development and to offer her support when they have parenting questions or concerns. ...  

Lead Teacher Preschool I
Lynne Flammia
 Lynne has been working with children for 15 years. She join our team in 2001 as a Teacher in Preschool I and became Lead Teacher in 2009. She is also certified to teach infants and toddlers. Lynne has a unique appreciation for our youngest preschoolers. She understands that while they are growing more independent, they often still require the same close attention and emotional support as a toddler. She also has a deep understanding of the developmental needs of this age group. As a strong advocate for learning through play, Lynne loves to create an environment for these active explorers that is filled with of hands-on experiences to support their emerging language, motor, and cognitive skills. She also works closely with parents to help education and support them through this special developmental period in a child's life. ...  


Assistant Director/Lead Teacher PK II
Julie Morris
 Julie has worked with children for 25 years and has been an employee at The Wonder Years since soon after we opened in 1996. She has a BS in Education from Wheelock College and teacher certifications in Early Childhood and Special Education. Julie wears many hats at our school. She is our Assistant Director and the Lead Teacher in our Pre-K area. She also supervises the teachers and acts as our curriculum coordinator. In addition, she provides supportive services for parents of children with learning or behavioral concerns. She is a key member of our administrative team. Julie loves working one-on-one with children and providing them with an environment which allows each child's special gifts to emerge. ...